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Matching Results: Ancient, Strange and Fun Wine Facts

Coconut Wine Comments (0)

Related to the prior post and same book, here is a photo from over 100 years ago of a man climbing a coconut tree to collect coconut wine. A section of bamboo strapped to his back is used as the wine container. Coconut related Native Leaf post: Out of the ordinary…or really weird wines and […]

Cornstalk wine and other corn beverages (try a sip of the “bonebreaker” perhaps?) Comments (0)

Amy Stewart’s fascinating new book, The Drunken Botanist – The Plants That Create the World’s Great Drinks, profiles the plants transformed into drinks by cultures around the world — from bourbon, rum, sake, scotch, tequila to wine — as well as the plant ingredients in favorite cocktails. Ms. Stewart delves into the history of plants […]

How long have the French been making wine? Comments (0)

So…related to Native Leaf’s fun wine facts and wine making blog posts of late, we wanted to share a link to an interesting program on the Science Friday radio show about Tracking the Origins of French Winemaking. Here is the link to the NPR Science Friday radio show that aired on June 7th (or click […]

How many grapes does it take to make 1 bottle of wine? Comments (0)

Here is a fun little quiz…       How many wine grapes do you think it takes to create ONE bottle of wine? a) 100 b) 1,000 c) 200 d) 600 e) 800 And the answer is….                   Answer: D and E!  It takes from 600 […]

Oldest winery? How about 6,100 years ago? Comments (0)

After my previous post on weird wines, and that “calabash” gourd wine / beverage container, I wondered what we know of about the oldest wines…or the first known wineries. I found an article from the Wall Street Journal about a fairly recent archeological find — an Armenian winery — with “well-preserved remains of crushed grapes, […]

Out of the ordinary…or really weird wines and wine “bottle” Comments (0)

For most of us, wine means a beverage made from grapes.  You may also be familiar with wines made from fruits such as apples, lychees, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears or plum wines. And it turns out that just about any plant matter can be fermented and turned into wine. Sake — a beverage that originated […]

Persian – Shirazi Wines (and more ancient wine facts) Comments (0)

Although wine is no longer produced in Iran due to present day Islamist rules, there is a long history of wine culture in Persian mythology and the arts. The modern-day city of Shiraz is the 5th most populous in Iran (population over 1.4 million) and is known as the city of poets, literature, wine and […]

The Top 15 Wine Producing Countries Comments (0)

Led by France, Italy, Spain and the United States, here are the top 15 wine-producing countries in the world… Rank Country Production (by tonnes) 1 France 6,590,750 2 Italy 4,673,400 3 Spain 3,339,700 4 United States 2,211,300 5 China 1,657,500 6 Argentina 1,547,300 7 Australia 1,133,860 8 Chile 1,046,000 9 South Africa 965,500 10 Germany […]

Wine Growing in areas with a Mediterranean climate Comments (2)

The California climate is often described as a Mediterranean climate type…but what does this mean exactly, and why do vineyards  in this climate type produce world-renowned wines? Mediterranean climate characteristics include cool but mild, wet winters and warm to quite hot, dry summers, such as those in the Mediterranean Basin, covering portions of three continents […]

Wines from Japan Comments (1)

Grape wines from Japan? According to the Statistics and information from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Japan ranks 25th in wine production by country, producing 79,000 tons in 2011.  Who knew! Wine consumption in Japan was first documented in the 16th century, when Francis Xavier, a roman catholic missionary brought […]

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