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Matching Results: Natural gift bags from olive oils to soaps

A bottle of olive oil… great gift giving traditions Comments (0)

Giving a gift of premium gourmet olive oil as a host / hostess gift is becoming more common (perhaps a new tradition?) in the United States. Although most of the olive oil consumed by Americans are imported from olive growing areas of the Mediterranean basin, the number of U.S. olive farmers growing olive trees to […]

Artisan crafted gift basket totes and Kraft crinkle paper for the holiday season Comments (0)

With the holidays and gift giving season coming up, we are highlighting our artisan crafted gift basket containers and Kraft crinkle paper made from 100% recycled content. Instead of paper boxes or run of the mill baskets, an alternative is our beautiful artisan crafted  natural gift packaging for your carefully chosen gifts. Our gift basket […]

Coconut Wine Comments (0)

Related to the prior post and same book, here is a photo from over 100 years ago of a man climbing a coconut tree to collect coconut wine. A section of bamboo strapped to his back is used as the wine container. Coconut related Native Leaf post: Out of the ordinary…or really weird wines and […]

Monterey Bay Birding Festival – Birder’s Marketplace Comments (0)

Native Leaf is based in the Monterey Bay area….home to one of the most spectacular birding and wildlife venues in North America.   If you live in the Monterey Bay Area or attending this year’s Monterey Bay Birding Festival, visit Native Leaf at the festival headquarters – Watsonville Civic Plaza, Community Center. September is the […]

Native Leaf’s natural gift packaging at Indie Craft Fair – Somos Gallery Comments (0)

We will be at the Make & Bake Indie Craft Fair this Friday and Saturday, at the Somos Gallery. Come out and get a head start on your holiday gift giving, and buy direct from local artisans! And then stop by Native Leaf’s exhibit area for your handcrafted gift packaging. After all…you’ve taken all that […]

Natural gift pouches – large size now available in variety color set of six…and FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL! Comments (0)

We have updated our market abaca natural gift pouch page and you now have the option to order our beautiful, large size pouches in a mix color / variety color pack of 6. Click on the photos of our super sturdy, earth friendly, natural abaca textile pouches above or below to link to the updated […]

Natural Mini Gift Bags – set of 6, size 5.5x3x1.5″

Natural Mini Gift Bags – set of 6, size 5.5x3x1.5″$10.95 Sold Out

Natural, exceptionally durable and bio-degradable / compostable, our abaca fiber mini bags are an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to paper gift wrap or petroleum-based plastic bags and nylon organza pouches. Check out the details…and you will see our natural tiny, cute gift bags are made to last.  Unique, made from sustainable plant fibers, and super […]

Need a bag to present your bottle of olive oil host / hostess gift? Comments (0)

An alternative to giving a gift of wine to your host / hostess is to give a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.  Considered a healthy oil, olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which is a healthy dietary fat. Every year, consumer demand for high quality extra virgin olive oil continues to increase significantly.  […]

Olive Oil / Vinegar and Dessert Wine Bottle Gift Bag – set of 4 mixed colors

Olive Oil / Vinegar and Dessert Wine Bottle Gift Bag – set of 4 mixed colors$11.95

Looking for gift bags for your bottles of specialty olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar? Or perhaps you are giving a gift of a special bottle of port or dessert wines — Muscat / Moscato, noble rot and ice wines — bottled in short or those super skinny, tall bottles? We have the perfect gift bags […]

Omiyage – Japanese and more gift-giving tradition Comments (0)

We posted about Japanese gift giving traditions (omiyage) recently, so my ears perked up when I heard a call into the Splendid Table radio show about what gifts to take to Japan, for those visiting from the United States. The host, Lynne Rossetto Kasper responded with what I thought was a a perfect suggestion…maple syrup! Maple […]

Set of 6 Natural Fiber Pouch Gift Packaging – Medium Set of 6

Set of 6 Natural Fiber Pouch Gift Packaging – Medium Set of 6$9.85

Exceptionally durable (and biodegradable), our natural fiber pouches are an earth-friendly alternative to paper or petroleum-based plastic bags and nylon organza pouches. Made without harm to the environment, Native Leaf pouches can be re-used and re-purposed for many years and are compostable, too! All abaca textiles used in Native Leaf products are hand-woven in backyard […]

That powerdery white, bluish-green mold on your lemon Comments (0)

Has this happened to your lemons or other citrus you have taken home or picked from your tree?  Did you wonder (after thinking…ick! ) what is this powdery white, blue-green stuff, and why does it so quickly turn a perfectly nice lemon into a gooey moldy mess? A few months ago, we posted about the […]

Top 5 most widely produced vegetable-based oils in the world (and it’s not olive oil or coconut oil) Comments (0)

There are so many different types of cooking oil available to consumers today — and it is quite easy to buy just about any type of cooking oil imaginable at your grocery store or through on-line merchants. Olive oil continues to gain popularity in the U.S., and more recently, all things coconut, especially coconut oil is […]

Unique Coffee Gift Bags – set of 3 bags

Unique Coffee Gift Bags – set of 3 bags$12.95

If you are a coffee lover and enjoy giving gifts of your favorite roasted coffee to your best friend, your host or hostess or a family member, our unique natural gift bags are the perfect reusable gift packaging. We created this bag to fit a one pound, standard bag of coffee, but as you can […]

Unique coffee gift bags now available on our market pages Comments (0)

We have added our uniquely textured coffee gift bags to our market pages, adding to the array of our natural packaging options and sizes available on our website. A special bag of coffee is a great host / hostess gift and our stylish, Eco friendly gift bags are the perfect container to present your favorite […]

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