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Matching Results: The Story Behind Our Products

Abaca and Aromatic Lavender Comments (0)

I love the scent of lavender and often see lavender sachets packaged in synthetic material or pouches like nylon or organza. Wanting to enjoy lavender packaged in a natural material,  I filled up one of our own hand-made abaca pouches with lavender.  The combination is a nice East/West and earth-friendly gift — with East as […]

At the romblon market… Comments (0)

At the romblon market, bundles of romblon leaves are sold in differing leaf strand sizes and varying heights. We use a wider leaf strand for our two and three-bottle wine bags compared to smaller strips needed for our single bottle wine bags, square placemats, and natural woven gift bags and boxes. If we need to […]

Crazy for coconuts! And coconut water… Comments (0)

Lately, it seems all things coconut are available for sale just about everywhere. Coconut bits, coconut milk, coconut butter lotion, coconut oil, coconut sugar and so on. What I have noticed most of all, is a proliferation of brands of coconut juice or coconut water for sale at local grocery stores.  Coconut water is the […]

From Sleeping Mats (Banigs) to Place Mats Comments (18)

Many people in the rural areas, or provinces in the Philippines sleep not only on beds, but also on woven leaf mats. In the Philippines, sleeping mats are called Banig. And for some folks, it is sometimes preferred over beds, even in these modern times.  In the hot, tropical climate and without air-conditioning, one feels […]

Interesting search term…and why natural bayongs are ALWAYS better than plastic bags Comments (0)

Every now and then, I look at what search terms — a word or a string of words — bring visitors to our market website and blog. These search terms are typically about the banig, the traditional Philippine sleeping mat (see my article  in “Our Story”, From Sleeping Mats to Placemats), our earth friendly gift […]

Nito material (a type of climbing fern) and weaving photos Comments (0)

A recent comment on my blog post “From nito basket…to Native Leaf” reminded me that I had some photos of  nito — a type of climbing fern that grows in parts of the Philippines.  It is used to make baskets, hats and other household items. The very first Philippine basket I owned was made of […]

The switch from natural abaca, hemp fiber ropes to synthetic ropes Comments (1)

This photo of synthetic ropes washed up on a beach in Alaska — piled up during beach clean up day — made me wonder about how much of this type of trash is swirling in our oceans. I knew that natural abaca fiber was a material used to make ropes (and still is) and of its […]

WordPress Photo Challenge Theme: The Golden Hour… bringing leaves to the market at sunrise Comments (8)

From time to time, we submit photo entries in the WordPress community’s photo challenges. From Cheri Lucas Rowlands, the theme this week is The Golden Hour…  The Golden Hour.  In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Photographers venture out on sunrise hikes or sunset treks to […]

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