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Matching Results: Traditions and History of Gift Giving (and more fun, history related articles!)

A bottle of olive oil… great gift giving traditions Comments (0)

Giving a gift of premium gourmet olive oil as a host / hostess gift is becoming more common (perhaps a new tradition?) in the United States. Although most of the olive oil consumed by Americans are imported from olive growing areas of the Mediterranean basin, the number of U.S. olive farmers growing olive trees to […]

Japanese gift giving traditions (a box of mochi or manju?) Comments (3)

We continue to learn about and add information to our blog pages on traditions of gift giving in other cultures.¬† For this post, we focus on Japanese gift giving traditions or “Omiyage”. An article by Evelyn Iritani on Japanese Omiyage (Huffington Post Zester Daily: The culture of food and drink) provides great insight to this […]

Napkin ring traditions – and when they first appeared in table settings Comments (0)

We added our handcrafted wood bead napkin rings to our market pages…and of course, it got us curious about when napkin rings started to appear in table settings. (Photo below picking, sorting and threading wood beads onto copper wiring to make Native Leaf’s wood bead napkin rings) So… it turns out that it is was […]

The switch from natural abaca, hemp fiber ropes to synthetic ropes Comments (1)

This photo of synthetic ropes washed up on a beach in Alaska — piled up during beach clean up day — made me wonder about how much of this type of trash is swirling in our oceans. I knew that natural abaca¬†fiber was a material used to make ropes (and still is) and of its […]

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