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Matching Results: The Philippines

2013 Salinas Asian Festival – Saturday, April 27th Comments (0)

The Sixth Annual Salinas Asian Festival is this Saturday, April 27th from 11:00AM to 4:00PM, in the Salinas Chinatown area. From the Salinas Asian Festival Website: The Asian Festival celebrates the cultural and historical presence of the Chinese, Filipino, and Japanese communities in Salinas. The Buddhist Temple, the Confucius Church and the Filipino Cultural Center will […]

2nd Annual Kulinarya Event in San Francisco, January 21, 2012 Comments (0)

If you are in the Bay Area and a foodie — or just interested in learning more about Philippine cuisine — make plans to go to the 2nd Annual Kulinarya event this Saturday, January 21st at One Ferry Plaza, Carnelian by the Bay Restaurant, behind the Ferry Building. Native Leaf  is pleased to be a […]

At the romblon market… Comments (0)

At the romblon market, bundles of romblon leaves are sold in differing leaf strand sizes and varying heights. We use a wider leaf strand for our two and three-bottle wine bags compared to smaller strips needed for our single bottle wine bags, square placemats, and natural woven gift bags and boxes. If we need to […]

Coconut Wine Comments (0)

Related to the prior post and same book, here is a photo from over 100 years ago of a man climbing a coconut tree to collect coconut wine. A section of bamboo strapped to his back is used as the wine container. Coconut related Native Leaf post: Out of the ordinary…or really weird wines and […]

Common and not so common items at the market — our take on “Fresh” for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge Comments (6)

Our take on “FRESH” — this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge are fresh vegetables common in market stalls all around the Philippine islands, but maybe not so common in other parts of the world. So yes, there are vegetables (and fruits) that one expects to see in practically any market stall or at farmers markets around […]

Copra – source of coconut oil from the tree of life Comments (0)

Coconut products — especially coconut water and coconut oil are very popular now.   Just about all parts of the coconut —  from the trunk, the fruit or seed,  to the fronds are used for local or commercial purpose.  Coconut oil is used for cooking, as well as in soaps and cosmetics. Coconut oil is derived  […]

Crazy for coconuts! And coconut water… Comments (0)

Lately, it seems all things coconut are available for sale just about everywhere. Coconut bits, coconut milk, coconut butter lotion, coconut oil, coconut sugar and so on. What I have noticed most of all, is a proliferation of brands of coconut juice or coconut water for sale at local grocery stores.  Coconut water is the […] Website Comments (1)

If you are interested in visiting the Philippines, the Philippine Department of Tourism’s website, is a great starting point and contains a lot of information.  The website has terrific tourism photographs (samples below), features on destination spots, tour packages and more. Of course tourism photos and tourism websites are meant to show the very […]

Filipino Nicknames Comments (0)

You may have Filipino friends with unique nicknames…or have heard that even the Philippine president, Benigno Aquino is also known as Noynoy, his nickname. At Native Leaf, we have our Ding.   And Prior to moving back to Manila, his twin brother also worked for us.  Ding’s twin, is…as you can guess, is called Dong. Here […]

Fleeting moment on the street – Philippine “Put-Puts” Comments (12)

The theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, at the Daily Post, is to share photographs that capture a fleeting moment on the street. My photo submission is the “put-put” — a transportation method found in just about every town in the Philippines. Put-puts are bicycles with a side passenger attachment (making them tricycles), or […]

From Nito basket…to Native Leaf Comments (4)

Growing up in the Philippines, one of my early memories are of kalesas (horse-drawn carts) filled to the brim with baskets and other handicrafts strung on the cart’s back and sides.  I wondered how they fit all those interesting baskets onto the cart — small ones, large ones for storage, fish baskets —and how they […]

From Sleeping Mats (Banigs) to Place Mats Comments (18)

Many people in the rural areas, or provinces in the Philippines sleep not only on beds, but also on woven leaf mats. In the Philippines, sleeping mats are called Banig. And for some folks, it is sometimes preferred over beds, even in these modern times.  In the hot, tropical climate and without air-conditioning, one feels […]

Independence Day Comments (0)

We have posted additional placemat colors, and now have the story behind our place mat in the “Our Story” section. Happy 4th of July Independence Day weekend! Did you know… Up until 1964,  Philippines Independence Day was also celebrated on July 4th? This date originated when the Philippines was a colony of the U.S., and […]

Interesting search term…and why natural bayongs are ALWAYS better than plastic bags Comments (0)

Every now and then, I look at what search terms — a word or a string of words — bring visitors to our market website and blog. These search terms are typically about the banig, the traditional Philippine sleeping mat (see my article  in “Our Story”, From Sleeping Mats to Placemats), our earth friendly gift […]

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