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Matching Results: The Philippines

Jeepney Post from Jeepney Projects Comments (0)

Somewhat related to my earlier post on the Philippine “put-puts’, Jeepney Projects has an excellent article about the unique, Philippine jeepney. What exactly is a jeepney you ask?  Click here  or the photo below to find out. We love Jeepney Projects — Art for Conservation — and their work to save the magnificent and critically […]

Leaves to make totes….and tea? Comments (0)

Some types of romblon leaves (pandanus) are also used in herbal tea concoctions. “Pito-Pito”, a dried herbal Philippine tea brand from Rita Ritz, contains Philippine leaves and herbs. Pito is the tagalog (Philippine national language) word for the number 7, and of course, there are 7 herbs — along with pandanus arnaryllifolius, mango leaves and […]

Light from a soda bottle Comments (0)

There is a video article on my blog at, about a project by Filipino “eco-entrepreneur” Illiac Diaz. He founded My Shelter Foundation and works with Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light) “a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to disprivileged communities nationwide. Originally designed and developed by […]

Millions of coconut trees destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan Comments (0)

We have posted often about the importance of coconut trees to Philippine culture and the economy.  The Philippines is the largest producer of coconuts in the world. The devastating November, 2013 Super Typhoon, Haiyan (known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) destroyed millions of coconut trees. Many coconut trees in the area did not survive […]

Nito material (a type of climbing fern) and weaving photos Comments (0)

A recent comment on my blog post “From nito basket…to Native Leaf” reminded me that I had some photos of  nito — a type of climbing fern that grows in parts of the Philippines.  It is used to make baskets, hats and other household items. The very first Philippine basket I owned was made of […]

Origin of Mother’s Day in the U.S. (and origins of the Phalaenopsis orchid) Comments (0)

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday… Did you know… Out of all the days of the year, Mother’s Day has become the most popular day to eat out at restaurants in the United States? Mother’s Day in its present form was established by Anna Jarvis with the help of a Philadelphia Merchant, John Wanaker, after […]

Out of the ordinary…or really weird wines and wine “bottle” Comments (0)

For most of us, wine means a beverage made from grapes.  You may also be familiar with wines made from fruits such as apples, lychees, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears or plum wines. And it turns out that just about any plant matter can be fermented and turned into wine. Sake — a beverage that originated […]

Over 7,000 Islands Comments (0)

Native Leaf products are hand-crafted with love from the Philippines, an archipelago nation of over 7,000 islands.  The total land area is over 115,000 square miles (300 square kilometers). The largest island — which is where the capital, Manila is located — is Luzon, and  has an area of over 40,000 square miles.  Some islands […]

Philippine International Aid Fundraiser – November 20, 2011 Comments (0)

We will be participating in the Philippine International Aid (PIA) Annual Fundraising Event, at the Westin St. Francis, Union Square, 335 Powell Street in San Francisco. Philippine International Aid (PIA) is now on its 25th year of providing educational assistance to disadvantaged Filipino youth and indigent children in Manila, Philippines. Currently about 1,000 children attend school […]

Pistahan Parade and Festival in San Francisco Comments (2)

Native Leaf will be exhibiting at the Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival in San Francisco this weekend. Pistahan is a fantastic festival of Filipino Culture and Cuisine, celebrating its 19th year at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Click on the image below, or visit for more details. The PISTAHAN FESTIVAL features World-class entertainment on two […]

Romblon / pandan leaves as food flavoring Comments (1)

Most of Native Leaf’s market totes, wine bags and gift bags are made from romblon, a type of salt-tolerant screw pine that grows by the seashore (and also known as pandanus or pandan). Here is a picture of two friends collecting romblon / pandan leaves.  They were in the process of stacking their leaves for […]

Sweet Potato and Banana Q’s (for breakfast!) Comments (3)

A favorite and inexpensive snack sold by street vendors or snack shops throughout the Philippine Islands are Kamote Q’s  (sweet potato) or Banana Q’s — cut up chunks of sweet potato or bananas, deep-fried with sugar. The sugar then caramelizes around the banana or sweet potato as it cooks, after which it is fetched out, […]

The switch from natural abaca, hemp fiber ropes to synthetic ropes Comments (1)

This photo of synthetic ropes washed up on a beach in Alaska — piled up during beach clean up day — made me wonder about how much of this type of trash is swirling in our oceans. I knew that natural abaca fiber was a material used to make ropes (and still is) and of its […]

When plastic use is totally unnecessary Comments (0)

At Native Leaf, we are all about earth-friendly products and natural gift packaging. So yes, we definitely promote using sustainably made products and using materials that can compost and biodegrade over time. But like just about everyone on our planet we also use plastic containers and other plastic products, as sometimes there is simply no […]

WordPress Photo Challenge – Tropical Patterns Comments (10)

The WordPress blog photo challenge theme this week is patterns. I am submitting my pattern-filled photographs from the Philippines, starting with my favorite, rice fields! I love looking at rice fields, and enjoy the symmetry.  I am amazed at the even rows of the rice seedlings, despite the fact most rural fields are still planted […]

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