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Matching Results: Conservation and the Environment

Bagging the Plastic Bag in Monterey, California Comments (1)

Effective July 1st, 2012, single use plastic bags are banned in the city of Monterey! Tomorrow (Saturday, June 30th), there is a community celebration on the ban of single use plastic bags. Join Native Leaf  for the celebration, from 11am to 3pm at the lawn in front of City Hall (Pacific Street). There will be live […]

Bioneers Conference, October 14-16, 2011 Comments (0)

We pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at the Bioneers Conference on October 14 to 16, 2011.  Please visit us at the Exhibit Tent, open between 12:30 PM and 8:00 PM.   The conference will be held at the Marin Center, in San Rafael, California. Bioneers is a leading-edge forum and environmental conference with social […]

Book: Plastic – A Toxic Love Story Comments (0)

Plastic – A Toxic Love Story, is a timely, important and fascinating new book by author Susan Freinkel. Ms. Freinkel chooses eight objects to help tell the story of plastic:  The comb, the chair, the Frisbee, the IV bag, the disposable lighter, the grocery bag, the soda bottle and the credit card. She examines how […]

Difference between terms biodegradable and compostable Comments (1)

We often hear about or read the terms “biodegradable” and “compostable” — including here at the Native Leaf website.  Is there a difference or do the terms mean the same? Biodegradable refers to natural materials like food, leaves and plant material that are decomposed by living organisms and bacteria.  When exposed to air, moisture, bacteria […]

Endangered Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles Comments (1)

I just posted an article about Monterey Bay’s connection to the endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle, on the blog The Pacific leatherback turtle nests in Indonesia, then migrates all the way to Monterey Bay and other parts of the U.S. West Coast. They take this 6,000 mile journey to feed on abundant jellyfish in […]

Free Workshop: Greening Stormwater Runoff Around Your Home Comments (0)

If you live in the Monterey Peninsula area and want to learn practical ways to beautify your landscape protect your home improve water quality reduce flooding while helping the environment…please plan to attend the free workshop on August 4, 2012 from 10:00am to noon at the Oldemeyer Center, 986 Hilby Ave., Seaside, California (check in […]

Green Festival in San Francisco – November, 2012 Comments (0)

Thank you to those of you who visited our booth at the Green Festival in San Francisco, held November 10 and 11, 2012 at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th Street.  Growing bigger each year, the Green Festival is the largest sustainability event in the world. Held in Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Los […]

Interesting search term…and why natural bayongs are ALWAYS better than plastic bags Comments (0)

Every now and then, I look at what search terms — a word or a string of words — bring visitors to our market website and blog. These search terms are typically about the banig, the traditional Philippine sleeping mat (see my article  in “Our Story”, From Sleeping Mats to Placemats), our earth friendly gift […]

Is zero waste possible? The city of San Francsico thinks so! Comments (0)

Zero waste means sending NOTHING to the landfill or for incineration. We recycle and reuse what we can…but  zero waste?  Can you imagine generating zero waste in your own household? In a  study of metropolitan area cities in the U.S. and Canada called the North American Green Cities Index, San Francisco was named the greenest […]

Jeepney Post from Jeepney Projects Comments (0)

Somewhat related to my earlier post on the Philippine “put-puts’, Jeepney Projects has an excellent article about the unique, Philippine jeepney. What exactly is a jeepney you ask?  Click here  or the photo below to find out. We love Jeepney Projects — Art for Conservation — and their work to save the magnificent and critically […]

Legislation to Ban Foam Containers in California Comments (0)

I posted a blog article about a bill from California Senator Alan Lowenthal on, to ban polystyrene (Styrofoam) packaging. If passed, California would be the first state to ban these  popular — but problematic to our environment —  foam “take-out” containers, starting in 2016. Visit the Santa Cruz based Save Our Shores website to […]

Light from a soda bottle Comments (0)

There is a video article on my blog at, about a project by Filipino “eco-entrepreneur” Illiac Diaz. He founded My Shelter Foundation and works with Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light) “a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to disprivileged communities nationwide. Originally designed and developed by […]

Paper use facts and statistics Comments (0)

Here are interesting facts and statistics about paper use from a Worldwatch Institute study… And until I saw these statistics from, I had no idea how many times we can recycle paper…   As it turns out, quite a number of times.  Recycling paper is a great way we can all save resources, water, […]

Plastics in unexpected places (like IN beer) Comments (0)

Somewhat related to yesterday’s post (when plastic use is totally unnecessary), an article  at about a new study in Germany that found plastic particles in beer (present in the 24 brands of beer they studied or 100% of the beers included in the study). Disturbing, yet not surprising, with our overuse of single use […]

Protect Your Central Coast Website Comments (1)

For those interested in how public agencies and private companies can work together to promote environmental programs — and especially if you are a resident of the central coast of California — visit the website Protect Your Central Coast is a partnership of 24 public agencies and 5 private companies with a mission to […]

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