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Do you care about… “About Us”

Now that we are setting up a retail site, with the opportunity to deal directly with customers who will use our products –compared to being wholesalers– I want to document through this blog how it is that Native Leaf came to be.

Perhaps most will visit this site and go directly to the “Shop Our Market” page, and not ever see this—and that ‘s OK– but there are  those who do want to know about the people behind the products they purchase.

So is it just me?  Whenever I visit a website, I check the “About Us” page.  I want to know who makes the products — and what they are about.  I like to find out what region they are in, and I am interested in finding out well…why they do what they do.

In that sense,  it is amazing to me how vague some retail websites are…some do not have an “About Us” page, or if you click on the “Contact Us” link, you have no idea where they ship from.   They want you to send them an email, so you do not know where they are located (I have even been to some sites that have no contact telephone numbers).

Maybe it does not matter…and I am just the oddball who likes to see the “About Us” page.  After all, it is the world-wide-web—and people are looking for the best deal.  To me though, it does matter —if you want to know—what we are about, our mission, and the people who make our products.

I did not have the idea to write a blog when we started Native Leaf (I wish I did!), but now I see that this is a valuable tool, at least for anyone else who may want to start a business similar to this or want to know about Native Leaf.

So with this new retail web site, which is on a WordPress blog platform, blog and document I will!

Thus far, it has been a “challenging” year  (and I could think of other words) and to keep going in this recession, especially with less spent on gift packaging dollars, as many focus on spending only on necessities.

The economy will eventually improve, and consumers…especially younger people who care about our planet, will also care about items they buy, and DO care about how it impacts the planet, as well as how our buying habits — no doubt as we all have heard — affects so many people and the environment.

I believe strongly in creating earth friendly, natural and sustainable products, and in our small way, the difference that we can make by working directly with people who make these products, especially in a developing country like the Philippines.

I am optimistic about the remainder of 2011 and this new decade!

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to telling you more about us, our products, and why we do what we do.

And let me know what you think…and if you care about “About Us”.


(Maria to those of you who have met me through trade shows or my pre-Native Leaf life, Lola Jane to my grandchildren–yes, I’m that old–and Jane to my family and friends).  And for our blog, plain old MJ.

And by the way,  I also write a blog about my experience as a grandmother and other topics at,  as well as about the Philippines –which is where I grew up and where our products are from.  “Lola” is Tagalog — or Filipino– for grandmother.   Pretty cool name for grandma (and grandfather is “Lolo”—not as cool).

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