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Handwoven, Natural Square Placemats – Set of 4 in Moss Green – $29.95Sold Out

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Handwoven, Natural Square Placemats – Set of 4 in Moss Green


Notes/Special Instructions (if any): Sold Out

Natural, hand-woven romblon leaf square place mat, in our beautiful color, Moss Green.  Set of four placemats.  A Native Leaf product favorite.

Add style and texture to your table top setting with our sturdy and easy to clean placemats.  Just brush off crumbs and wipe clean with damp sponge or cloth.

Eco friendly, easy care makes these place mats great for households with messy kids (like ours!).

Moss Green with napkin rings

Hand-crafted, beautiful texture. Compostable and biodegrades back to earth —- after many years of use that is.

Main moss green place mat photo shown with our wood bead napkin rings in colors Mango, Terra Cotta and Moss Green.  Middle product photo — weaving hands — is our Cacao Brown color mat.

If you like to mix and match placemats, the Moss Green pairs nicely with fall color mats such as Cacao Brown, Terra Cotta and Mango.


  • Color swatches or what you see on your screen may not match dye colors exactly (we think you will find our actual dyed materials more beautiful).
  • As we do not use chemicals to prepare or mordant our romblon leave, seasonal differences of Romblon leaves, weather and dye batches may affect color shades.  Sunny days produce light color leaves for our lime, lemon and lighter colors. Continued rainy days during typhoon season result in leaves suitable only for our darker colors.
  • If additional photo details does not load properly on your browser, close (“X”) button picture and click again to reload.

Romblon is a type of screw pine found in many islands in the Western Pacific. It grows in abundance by the seashore and is a sustainable resource.

The sword shaped leaves are harvested leaving the plant to grow new leaves for future use. Once dried, the leaves are traditionally woven into sleeping mats, market bags and other useful items.

Visit our Plant Source Page for more information and pictures of the romblon (pandanus) plant.

Interested in learning more about our placemats?  See our blog post Weaving Hands, or click on this link to article From Sleeping Mats to Place Mats.

Photo above are 3 bundles of romblon leaves on the beach, unloaded from banka (outrigger boats). Families arrive early — right around sunrise — to sell romblon leaves at a seaside market in the Philippines. Photo

Additional Details: Set of 4 Placemats, Product Code RPM-MOS

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