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Kraft Crinkle Paper – in 2 reusable artisan woven, natural gift pouches – $9.95

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Kraft Crinkle Paper – in 2 reusable artisan woven, natural gift pouches


Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

We love using Kraft crinkle paper as fill to construct sumptuous gift baskets (using Native Leaf’s beautiful gift tote bags, of course!).  Our crinkle paper cushions carefully picked goodies, and made from 100% recycled content.

So what is the difference between Native Leaf’s Kraft crinkle paper, compared to those packed in plastic at the mega big box craft stores?

Well, for about the same price, your order of Native Leaf crinkle paper comes in two of our large, reusable, earth friendly artisan crafted natural (abaca  – sinamay) gift pouches.

So instead of a ripping open a non-reusable plastic bag, you get two super sturdy, earth friendly natural gift pouches to use as packaging for your other gifts, stuffed full of 100% recycled content crinkle paper!

Pick your TWO pouch colors, and add it to the “Notes / Special Instructions” box, or let Native Leaf pick the pouch colors for you.

Abaca sinamay pouch color choices are: Indigo Blue, Aqua (teal) Blue, Moss Green, Lime Green, Mango Yellow, Terra Cotta and Orchid Pink

Kraft Crinkle Paper in Native Leaf’s Reusable and Super Sturdy Abaca (Sinamay) Gift Pouches

For more about our abaca textile (sinamay), please visit our Plant Source page.

And to see Native Leaf’s gift basket totes, view our page “Amenities Bags and Natural Gift Totes”...

Native Leaf’s Handcrafted, Rectangle Gift Basket Tote Bag in our color “Mango”


Additional Details: Please indicate your abaca (sinamay) pouch color preference in the "Notes/Special Instructions" box

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