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At the romblon market…

At the romblon market, bundles of romblon leaves are sold in differing leaf strand sizes and varying heights.

We use a wider leaf strand for our two and three-bottle wine bags compared to smaller strips needed for our single bottle wine bags, square placemats, and natural woven gift bags and boxes.

Tall bundles of romblon leaves for sale at the market. Photo

If we need to create a small product, say, a small gift bag, the length of the leaves would not be as much of an issue as  when we make larger products, like a large tote bag, or a tall wine bag.

From friends, to families, from young to older, and still quite capable lola’s and lolo’s (the word for grandmother and grandfather in the Philippine language), you will find a wide spectrum of folks selling romblon leaves at the romblon market.

Young woman selling romblon bundles. Photo


Lola (grandmother) selling romblon bundles at the market. Photo:

I love the contrast of the photos I took above, of the girl and the lola at the market beside their romblon bundles…both sweet, don’t you think?

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