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What type of trash is generated more than any other in the United States?

BLOG QUIZ:  Coming from our homes and schools, from hospitals, and businesses, which of the following items make up the largest percentage of trash or garbage (municipal solid waste “MSW”) in the United states?

a. Yard Trimmings

b. Food Scraps

c. Paper and Paperboard products

d. Plastics

e.  Rubber, leather and textiles

f.  Wood

g. Metals

Did you pick an answer right away?  Was it easy?

And the answer is…

c. Paper and Paperboard products, which makes up 29% of all municipal solid waste (MSW) —- and represents more material that any other that Americans throw away.  Source: US Environmental Agency (EPA)

Recycling and using alternative, compostable or reusable gift packaging  is a way that each of us can reduce trash that end up in landfills.

Each year EPA produces a report on MSW generation, recycling, and disposal Here is the most recent data compiled from the US Environmental Agency (EPA) website:

Cartoon Source: US EPA Website

For a list of waste management and reduction information organized by State or EPA Region or US territories click on this link (

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