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The “punt” in wine bottles…

Ever wonder why the bottom of  most wine bottles curve in?

wine bottle punts rd

In the wine industry, this is called a “punt”, and can be traced back to how glass wine bottles were created.

Wine bottles that were free blown left a scar referred to as a pontil mark or punt mark  where the punt was broken off blown glass.

This punt mark indicated that the glass bottles was blown free-hand, and not made in molds.

I heard years ago that finer wines are bottled in bottles with a punt, and the deeper the punt, the finer the wine.

Turns out that this is not always the case…

Read more from cjonwine’s blog post Pretentious Punts, here…  (a blog about wine, travel and culture)

And what about that cjonwine’s blog post title…did you end up with a silly smile on your face?

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