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Wine or Olive Oil Bottle Gift Bag and more…we have standard, tall or short sizes

tall skinny bottle bags

Perhaps a gift of a standard size, 750ml bottle of wine may not exactly fit the bill for a host / hostess gift.

Instead of a bottle of Cabernet or Chardonnay, how about a gift of super premium California extra virgin olive oil, or a bottle of lush and aroma filled sweet dessert wine — like Semillon, or a late harvest Moscato for your hosts?

Oh… but where to find just the right size gift bag for that unique or unusual bottle size…skinny and tall, or short…375 ml size?

Aside from regular size wine bottles, Native Leaf also hand-crafts beautiful and uniquely textured (and always Eco- friendly) gift bags for skinny, tall bottles — the type used for premium dessert wines and olive oils, or shorter “split” wine bottles, short port wines and mini champagne bottles too!

Bottle Gift Bags Dessert Splits Olive Oil

We are putting together bottle gift bag kits, which will be available on our market pages later this month.

*** UPDATE — these products are now available on our market pages.  Click on the olive oil / dessert wine bottle bag photos above or HERE to link to our Olive Oil Bottle Gift Bag market page ***

These bottle gift bag, set-of-4 kits will contain 2 tall and “skinny” olive oil / dessert wine bottle gift bag and 2 shorter “split” or 375 ml bottle gift bag, all hand-woven from sustainable and earth friendly romblon leavesAlways reusable and compostable, too.

Check back soon, or if you want a bottle gift kit sent to you today, give us a call at 831-869-8355 or email us at


About Muscat / Moscato Grapes

Did you know…the Muscat variety of grape (vitis vinifera – common grape-vine) is known to be among the oldest domesticated wine grape variety, and known for its sweet, floral aromas. Muscat varietals are grown around the world for raisins, table grapes and wine.

  • The varieties of Muscat called Black Muscat and Orange Muscat (of course, with hints of oranges in its aroma) are types used for dessert wines in California and in Australia.
  • Muscat varieties used for premium dessert wines grow successfully in California’s San Joaquin Valley.
  • Muscat grapes are used for the sweeter, sparkling wines from Italy like in the “Asti” wines.
  • Pisco, a Peruvian and Chilean grape-based, brandy-like drink, as well as Metaxa from Greece is also made from muscat grape varietals.  Pisco has been in production in Peru since the turn of the 17th century!
  • Made from muscat wine and a secret bouquet of Mediterranean herbs and rose petals, Metaxa is exported from Greece to over 60 countries and reportedly the first liquor consumed in space. What?  Astronauts drinking alcohol in space?  Read more about this on the blog Cosmic Log, here…

grape leaves silhouettePhoto above — silhouette of grape leaves from the Carmel, California Mission gardens.

What is your favorite dessert wine or muscat based wine or brandy?

And if you are ready to order Native Leaf’s uniquely textured standard sized  (750 ml bottle) single bottle wine bags, click here…

Native Leaf’s natural gift packaging is always appreciated as much as the gift itself!

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  1. Comment by Baacco The Community Based Wine Marketplace — February 6, 2014 @ 6:31 am

    Gretchen, our Director of Wine and Spirits and our amazing host, really wanted us to understand the true importance of sherry in the Spanish tapas experience.

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