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Exactly how big are the biggest wine bottles?

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Most of the wine we buy is contained in a standard size, 750ml bottle.

For special occasions or to serve wine to a larger group of friends and family, we may buy a “magnum” or 1.5 ml — equal to two bottles of wine.

Pictured at left is Native Leaf’s hand-woven romblon leaf, 750 mil bottle size wine gift bag in the colors Cacao Brown and Terra Cotta.

Some wineries will also offer smaller bottles — 375 ml or half of a standard bottle of wine, and splits – a quarter of a bottle or 187 ml (see photo on our previous blog post)

But did you know that wines can be stored and sold in rather gigantic bottles too?

The bottle size called Nebuchadnezzar — named after the neo-Babylonian empire’s king — is one of the largest wine bottle and can hold 15 liters…or about 20 bottles of wine!

I wonder what the best method is, to safely transport this giant-sized wine bottle?

Wine Bottle Sizes

Side-by-side comparison of champagne bottles (left to right), on the ladder: magnum, full, half and quarter; on the floor: Balthazar, Salmanazar, Methuselah and Jeroboam (Photo via wikipedia commons – by Walter Nissen)

Pictured on the floor of the above photo, from left to right:

  • Balthazar – which contains 12 liters of wine, and named after one of the 3 wise men — or biblical maji —who gave a gift to Jesus after his birth.
  • Salmanazar – containing 9 liters of wine, named after the biblical Assyrian king.
  • Methuselah – containing 8 liters of wine and named after the Hebrew biblical oldest man to ever live.
  • Jeroboam – 3.0 to 4.5 liters (sparkling Jeroboam bottles holds 3 liters and will contain 4.5 liters of regular wine) and named after the biblical first king of the northern Israelite Kingdom of Israel.

And no, we don’t make a wine bottle gift bag for that Nebuchadnezzar wine bottle! Well…at least not yet…it would have to go into one of our bayongs (market totes).

But we do make single bottle gift bags for standard sized 750 ml wines as well as  375 ml or split bottles of wine.

If you want to give a gift of sparkling wines, our single bottle gift bags work too!  Because the handcrafted leaves have a bit of a “give” you can present your sparkling wine bottle gift in one of our gift bags, too!

For more on  wine bottle shapes and sizes even bigger than the Nebuchadnezzar — like the truly super size Melchizedek bottle , click on this Wikipedia article link, here.

If you are  curious about the names, check out the World Wide Word’s website and article on wine bottle size — and what is up with these names???

To view our single / one wine bottle gift bag page, click here, or link here to our previous post on other unique bottle gift bag sizes made by Native Leaf.

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