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The Top 15 Wine Producing Countries

Led by France, Italy, Spain and the United States, here are the top 15 wine-producing countries in the world…

Rank Country Production
(by tonnes)
1 France France 6,590,750
2 Italy Italy 4,673,400
3 Spain Spain 3,339,700
4 United States United States 2,211,300
5 China China 1,657,500
6 Argentina Argentina 1,547,300
7 Australia Australia 1,133,860
8 Chile Chile 1,046,000
9 South Africa South Africa 965,500
10 Germany Germany 961,100
11 Russia Russia 696,260
12 Portugal Portugal 694,612
13 Brazil Brazil 345,000
14 Greece Greece 303,000
15 Austria Austria 281,476

Statistics and information from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.  Food/Country/Production table via Wikipedia, list of wine-producing countries.  Interested in more?  Click here to view the top FORTY wine-producing countries in the world.

With mass production of wine and the craft of wine making originating in the Mediterranean region, it is not surprising to see France, Italy and Spain in the top 3 categories.   However, were you as  surprised as we were to see the country of China landing in the Top 5 countries in wine production?

Did you know…90% of the wine produced in the United States come from the state of California?

View more California wine information and fun wine facts on the following category links:

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