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Resting dragonfly…on our wine bag handles

Dragon fly on Native Leaf wine bag handles

So here is something I don’t see everyday…a dragonfly, and especially, a dragonfly resting on one of our hand-woven natural leaf wine bag handles!

Dragonflies are ancient insects and there are 28 species of dragonflies and damselflies in the San Francisco Bay area.

Looking at the Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area website, it looks like this particular one is a Blue-eyed Darner – Rhionaeschna multicolor.

I remember chasing many vibrantly colored butterflies when I was a kid.  There was a house near us with an abandoned pool — and what must have been perfect breeding grounds for them, as dragonflies and damselflies begin their lives living underwater for a year of more as nymphs.  No wonder there were so many dragonflies!  Of course back then, we did not worry that one of our playmates might fall in the algae, leaf-filled tannin brown (and rather deep) water…we just had fun and ran after the shiny dragonflies.

By the way, I tried to go on the website today, forgetting about the US Government shutdown.  Turns out, even the websites are shutdown and “Only web sites necessary to protect lives and property will be maintained”.   Can they get this resolved NOW?   What about our veterans?  Many people are suffering, not only government workers, but those whose services and livelihood depend on supporting these workers.

Locally here in Monterey County, California, I have heard of visitors coming to camp / hike in Big Sur and getting kicked out of the  campgrounds due to the government shutdown.  Bad time to be on vacation to visit national parks, and bad times for our already fragile economy.



There is an interesting article from The Dragonfly Woman’s website titled “Dragonflies for Dinner” on edible insects and the countries where they are commonly eaten.  Click on the photo below or here to read…

Dragonfly catching

Photo of dragonfly haul from NOVA, via Dragonfly Woman’s website

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