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Need a bag to present your bottle of olive oil host / hostess gift?

olive oil gift bags

An alternative to giving a gift of wine to your host / hostess is to give a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.  Considered a healthy oil, olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which is a healthy dietary fat.

Every year, consumer demand for high quality extra virgin olive oil continues to increase significantly.  Although most of the world’s olive oil comes from Spain and Italy – with over 60% combined production — olive oil production is increasing here in the United States, particularly in the states of California, Arizona and Texas.

American wine country destinations in areas with Mediterranean climates may offer olive oil tasting bars, right along with wine tastings.  Sometimes, these tasting rooms focus exclusively on olive products, olive oil tastings and sales.   It is now more and more common to see California extra virgin olive oil sold in grocery stores right next to bottles of Italian extra virgin olive oils.

If you are giving a gift of specialty olive oil to your host or hostess, our hand-woven, natural gift bags are perfect to contain and present the tall, skinny olive oil bottles, or standard size olive oil bottle.

Weaving Hands

These earth friendly gift bottle bags also fit dessert wines bottled in tall, skinny bottles like ice wines and Moscato wines, as well as the smaller port wine bottles and super aged balsamic vinegar.

Our romblon leaf olive oil bags are shipped in a mixed color set of 4 (two sizes as pictured above, and in a variety of colors).

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And did you know….

  • Olive oil is used as a base for many cosmetics
  • In Asia, Japan is among the top importer of olive oil as consumers there consider eating and applying olive oil to the skin to have great health benefits
  • Nearly 2/3 of oils on super market shelves are falsely labeled as extra virgin grade (based on 3 studies done by the UC Davis Olive Center) *
  • As of September 2012, there were over 30,000 acres planted in California for the production of extra virgin olive oil. For the first time this is more acreage than table olives *
  • Unlike wine, olive oil should be purchased as close to bottling date as possible and consumed within a month or two for maximum health benefit (and taste!)
  • There are over 400 growers/producers of olive oil in California*
  • Over 50 olive varieties are grown in California for olive oil production, resulting in proprietary blends unique to California *

* Source: The California Olive Oil Council — For more on California Olive Oil, visit the California Olive Oil Council

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