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A bottle of olive oil… great gift giving traditions

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Giving a gift of premium gourmet olive oil as a host / hostess gift is becoming more common (perhaps a new tradition?) in the United States.

Although most of the olive oil consumed by Americans are imported from olive growing areas of the Mediterranean basin, the number of U.S. olive farmers growing olive trees to harvest fruit for olive oil production — from California, Georgia, Oregon to Texas — is increasing every year.

Consumers are learning more about the health benefits of olive oil, and stores dedicated to premium olive oil tastings & sales are cropping up in many cities.

If you want to make your olive oil gift presentation special, we have the perfect natural packaging and bottle gift bags.

From tiny sampler bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in mini 60 ml bottles to more standard, 375 ml and 750 ml bottle size, we have the best, unique gift bags for your olive oil bottles!  Click on the gift bag photos above or below for more details…

trio_natural abaca_mini_gift_bags_rd2

Olive trees are native to the coast areas and the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin, south of the Caspian See,  and the northern parts of Iraq and Iran.

Illustration of Olive Oil plant 1887The olive tree – Olea europaea — is hardy and one of first known cultivated trees.  From the website on Olive Oil History:

Between the 7th and 3rd centuries B.C. Aristotle elevated olive cultivation to a science, other Greek scientists wrote about its history, made its botanical classification and analyzed the curative properties of olive oil. In the 6th century B.C. Solon introduced the first Olive Protection Law, by which he was convicting those who cut down a tree and the punishment for this was death. Solon also prohibited exports.

...In the period of Early Roman Empire, olive oil was considered luxury and was highly appreciated by the emperors who were even offering olive oil as a gift to the citizens for celebrations occasions. By 400 A.D. the Romans had invented the screw press producing oil in the way that continues as today.  Click here to read more on Olive Oil History.

Since it is getting easier for American shoppers to source the perfect bottle of olive oil to present to their host / hostess or as a housewarming gift for a new neighbor, a gift of delicious olive oil (instead of a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers) may become a tradition here, too.

I grew up in the Philippines and had to get accustomed to the taste of olive oil (or maybe the olive oils I had in my earlier years were not very fresh).  Now, I love the taste of fresh extra virgin olive oil.  We always have a bottle or two of EVOO in our kitchen to use as our primarily cooking oil or for drizzling on salads.

What are your gift giving traditions?  Are you starting something new for the holiday 2013 gift giving season?  What do you think about gourmet food gifts for the holidays?


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