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Coconut Wine

Related to the prior post and same book, here is a photo from over 100 years ago of a man climbing a coconut tree to collect coconut wine.

A section of bamboo strapped to his back is used as the wine container.

tuba gathering from coconut tree

Photo above from the book “The Philippine Islands” from the Gutenberg website, by Ramon Reyes Lala. It was published in 1898 by the Continental Publishing Company.

Coconut related Native Leaf post:

Excerpt:  The sap from birch and maple trees can also be made into wines, and palm wines from various palm trees or coconut palms (cocos nucifera) are popular in many parts of Asia and Africa.

In the Philippines, the freshly harvested coconut sap wine is referred to as “tuba” and is a popular alcohol beverage in the rural areas.  The distilled version of tuba is called lambanog…(read the article, here)


Lately, it seems all things coconut are available for sale just about everywhere.

Coconut bits, coconut milk, coconut butter lotion, coconut oil, coconut sugar and so on.

What I have noticed most of all, is  the proliferation of coconut juice brands  or coconut water for sale at local grocery stores.  Coconut water is the liquid inside green, young coconuts.

And it turns out that coconut water is one of the fastest growing beverage category in the U.S. and in the U.K…. (read the article, here)

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