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Origins of this weekend’s special day…and origins of most orchids sold in today’s marketplace

Quiz related to this weekend’s special day:

Out of all the days of the year, what day is the most popular day to eat out at restaurants in the United States?


  • In 1910, this day was proclaimed as an official holiday by the state of West Virgina — and other states soon followed
  • In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved a stamp that commemorated this holiday.

Click on this Native Leaf blog post for the answer…

Orchids for sale at the market rd

Photo: In the Philippines, orchids are often sold at the market upside down like in these photos taken at a festival marketplace. You take your orchids home and place it in your own container or tie it to a post with growing mulch in your garden and backyard. Click on the photo to learn the origins of most orchids sold in the marketplace today…

Orchids for sale at the market 3 rd

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