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Nito material (a type of climbing fern) and weaving photos

A recent comment on my blog post “From nito basket…to Native Leaf” reminded me that I had some photos of  nito — a type of climbing fern that grows in parts of the Philippines.  It is used to make baskets, hats and other household items.

The very first Philippine basket I owned was made of nito vine.

First photo, harvested and bundled nito ready for weaving, second photo weaving nito basket and last photo, finished product – nito paper plate holder.

bundle of nito vine web

Weaving nito plate holder basket web

Nito plate holder basket web

The comment was related to bayong (market tote) use in the Philippines, and it was a positive development!  See blog post / comment, here. 

I have since added the bundle of nito vine photo to the article.

For more about the nito plant, see the Philippine medicinal plants section of  Stuartxchange’s website (Lygodium circinnatum).

— mj

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