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Set of 6 Abaca Mini Gift Bags 5.5x5x1.5″ – $11.95Sold Out

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Set of 6 Abaca Mini Gift Bags 5.5x5x1.5″


Notes/Special Instructions (if any): Sold Out

Natural, exceptionally durable and bio-degradable, our abaca mini bags are an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to paper or petroleum-based plastic bags and nylon organza pouches.

Check out the details…and you will see our bags are made to last.  We use Class “A” hand-woven abaca textile for our gift bags and pouches.

The edges are sewn securely, and the handles are made of the same, Class A hand-woven textile and will not fray.

This size fits 3 bottles of mini sized olive oils, or specialty food sauces, though you can use in a myriad of other ways too.

They can contain gifts of  jewelry, soaps, wedding favors or whenever you need just the right natural bag for your carefully chosen gift.

Available in 10 colors.  Shown in Terra Cotta.  Please click on color options or view abaca textile color swatch photo above.

From front to back, trio of bags photo are Style AMB2B in Terra Cotta, AMB3F in Mango –this size of 5.5x5x1.5″, AMB3F in Moss Green.  Detail photo of handle features our Terra Cotta color bag.


  • all abaca textiles used in Native Leaf products are hand-woven in backyard bamboo looms — a long process requiring much patience
  • abaca textile gift bags are super sturdy and can be re-used and re-purposed for many years.
  • color swatches or what you see on screen may not match dye colors exactly (we think you will find our actual dyed materials more beautiful).
  • we do not use chemicals to prepare or mordant our leaves and abaca textile — please note that seasonal differences of leaves and abaca fibers, weather and dye batches may affect color shades.
  • If the close up of photos do not load immediately in your browser, please close picture button “X” and reload.
  • Usually in stock and ships by next day from Monterey County, California

Abaca is a giant herbaceous plant closely related to the banana. Native to the Philippines, it is valued for its super strong and flexible fiber. Its fiber is used for rope, cordage, twine, marine cable, pulp and specialty paper (hence, the name “manila envelopes” after the capital of the Philippines). It is also woven into textiles and is naturally lustrous in appearance.

Interested in more about the abaca plant?  Find out more by visiting our Plant Source Page.

Additional Details: Style #AMB3F

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