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Our Weaving Groups

Our weaving partners are talented and can make just about anything in our product line…our wine bags, gift bags, placemats, etc.

Some weavers and family groups will specialize in making a type of product because of the expertise they acquire or simply because they enjoy and prefer making a wine bag versus a placemat.

And even with Native Leaf wine bags, there are weavers who specialize in single bottle wine bags, and weavers who prefer making our double or three-bottle wine bags and are fantastic at it.

Andang and her family group, below photo, weave our romblon olive oil bottle bags, and small, mini gift bags.

We meet the weavers by their homes, or sometimes at a designated roadside hut, which is our drop off place and where weavers pick up what is called a “kabanigan” — a bundle of romblon leaves enough for a sleeping mat (or in Native Leaf’s products,  a number of place mats, wine bags, etc.)

Below is  Janice and family members, as well as other weavers picking up the dyed romblon leaves to make into Native Leaf products.  Janice’s family group specializes in weaving our place mats.


Simple as they seem, the place mats are actually tricky to weave.  Unlike our natural romblon gift bags, which have molders, placemats do not… just a plywood guide of the size 14.5×14.5 inches.

Square Placemat in Terra Cotta --- All Done!

Weaving Native Leaf Two-Tone Wine Bags

Weaver Myrna prefers to make wine bags - she makes many of our beautifully woven two and three-bottle wine bags


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