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Book: Plastic – A Toxic Love Story

Plastic – A Toxic Love Story, is a timely, important and fascinating new book by author Susan Freinkel.

Ms. Freinkel chooses eight objects to help tell the story of plastic:  The comb, the chair, the Frisbee, the IV bag, the disposable lighter, the grocery bag, the soda bottle and the credit card.

She examines how these objects are made, the history, the culture of plastics, and how synthetics affect our health and environment.

There is a comment from a speaker at a plastics manufacturer’s conference in 1956, quoted as saying “Your future is in the garbage wagon”. How true…and it turns out that today, the average American throws away 300 pounds of packaging a year — and this mountain of containers and wrappings accounts for about 1/3 of the municipal waste stream.

I posted an article about this book on my blog at – and pictures from a seaside market in the Philippines.

Plastics pollution is not just a problem for rich countries with extras to spend on disposable conveniences — it is also a problem when one lives on a day-to-day basis, and can only afford to buy products in small packages, which adds to more plastic trash.

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