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If you are interested in visiting the Philippines, the Philippine Department of Tourism’s website, is a great starting point and contains a lot of information.  The website has terrific tourism photographs (samples below), features on destination spots, tour packages and more.

Of course tourism photos and tourism websites are meant to show the very best that a country has to offer….and it is important for me to state here that the Philippines is still a developing country with its own challenges, especially with poverty, and issues related to overpopulation.  And so with that said, if you have not visited a developing nation, go with eyes wide open, and be prepared for sights that you will obviously not see on the tourism photographs.

Language is not a barrier for most visitors as English is one of two official languages (along with Tagalog) spoken in the Philippines.  In fact, the Philippines is known as the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world.  Just about everyone speaks English, and many newspapers, the media, and government business are conducted in English or a combination of English and Tagalog.

The Philippines is indeed a great place to visit —  beauty in nature, and wonderful people.

Click here to visit the Department of Tourism’s website.


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